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Bannerghatta Zoo - A week end visit in bangalore

This week we decided to spend some time on sunday in Bannerghatta Zoo, bangalore.

From Basavanagudi(From where i live) it is nearly 18 KM.

The day before, I started googling on facilities available in that place and is there anything which i need to know to avoid last minute hitches.

I got fair amount of information, but still it is not upto-date. So just want to update those gaps in my blog.

We started around 9 AM in the morning (After breakfast), the road was not that great, lot of humps and speed breakers. Some how we managed to reach there within 1 Hr 10 mins.

There is no proper sign board to tell you anything about Zoo. You have to ask people.

There was a parking area specific to this zoo, Even though they mentioned Rs.30/- for four wheeler parking, nobody asked for it. We did not even seen anybody paying for that, So this time it is free of cost for us.

The place is very hot. We almost drank nearly 10 ltrs of water on that day. So take water as much as you can.

There are lot of shops and restaurants available, but i would suggest to carry your foods to avoid health problem.

Make sure you are at ticket counter before 11AM to avoid delay and crowds.


As soon as you land, take ticket for safari + zoo which is Rs.210/- per person.

They are offering another package called "Special Safari" which is cost of Rs.500/- per person.

All are same except the vehicle, Special safar is a AC coach with bigger size seats and windows.

Both safaris are same, no difference with respect to site seeing. So its upto you.

The safari was really good and thrilling. It was a 40mins trip (It depends on safari driver, some people took one hour).


Once you done with safari, directly goto butterfly park(Rs.25/- for entrance)

Do not expect much here, this is a very simple park with a small butterfly tent, where you get to see some butterflies which you already know them well. Nothing spl in it.

But good place to take photos with full of flowers and shades.

Lunch & Zoo

After butterfly park, you can have your lunch and then goto park. Otherwise if you have people to carry things, then you can get into park and eat there. It is upto you.

If you are planing to take food inside zoo, you ended up carrying that food bags all the way inside zoo.

There are very nice shadows inside the zoo where you can relax and eat food.

There is a shop inside zoo where you can get samosa, tea , milk etc.

WIth respective to zoo, most of the animals are very old, I did not impressed much actually, but kids can enjoy it. Few places are stinky.


If you really want to do more workout , you go for boating. ;).

Yes, by the time you finish everything and reach this place, you are almost done for the day.

Boating is not that good, very boring, probably kids and couples can enjoy.

So over all it was a nice time with family and friends. You will get nice sleep in the night for sure.

Things you can carry:

1. Water (as much as you can) 2. Cap (if you want new one you can buy over there )

3. Camera (With good zoom options) 4. Food (If you don't want to try outside) 5. kids trolly (if you have kids)

6. Sun glasses and cream for UV protection

Be in casuals, probably T-Shirts and shorts is a good choice.

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