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Can't mount SD Card in HTC Desire , Android - USB Brick

I been trying multiple ROMs available for my HTC Desire.

But yesterday suddenly when i boot by phone in recovery mode to install new ROM, it is not able to mount the sdcard.

It keep on says "Can't mount /sdcard".

I have tried by clearing "dalvik cash".

But did not worked out. When i connect to my PC , my phone is not detected at all.

After some hours of google i figured out that my phone is in "USB Brick" state.

I have tried multiple things to fix this. At last i got it fixed by simple 4 steps.


Bring your phone in HBoot (Hard Boot) mode, by pressing power button and volume down key.


If your device not detected by windows use this step, otherwise skip it

Download latest android USB driver

1) Goto Device manager

2) Search for your android in "other devices" category

3) Right click on that, and select "Update Driver"

4) Point to the folder which you downloaded from the above link

5) And update it, now you will see your phone in the device manager list


Download Android SDK tools for windows or Mac.

Goto its "Tools" folder from the command prompt


Now , in your phone from HBOOT mode, switch to "Fastboot" mode, by selecting the menu from the HBOOT list.

Once you are in the "Fast boot" mode, now execute the command from windows command prompt "fastboot oem enableqxdm 0"

And restart your phone.

Device Details:

HTC Desire, rooted, S-Off, 4 gig SD card


can't mount /sdcard in htc desire


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