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JellyBean for HTC desire

I have tried jelly been ROM for my HTC Desire from the following URL

CM10 based Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update for HTC Desire

Everything works great except SD card mounting problem

After installing the ROM, SD card is not mounting, even i have trying multiple things like reinstalling, partitian, etc.

But nothing worked out.

Even i have tried fixing fastboot command also. But did not worked.

Later i decided to install JellyTime from google code repo

Seems like this room specific to HTC desire HD.

Because when i flash this, it says "assertion error".

And i can see some code they are checking for device model as "ace".

So this one failed to install in my HTC Desire.

I have tried this MIUI ROM with Jelly bean

Not working with HTC desire, not able to install 

Trying for another ROM soon probably MIUI ICS room

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