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MapMyIndia -- Mobile Navigation System - For Android OS

  I been using this MapMyIndia( Mobile navigation system from past 2 weeks. It really works. 

  Yes, I used to have Google map for most of the time , but it never showed me proper direction(Only in US google navigation works perfectly).

   Google map does not detect my location as accurate as MapMyIndia. So i am very much happy with this MapMyIndia navigation.


     1. It really works

     2. It gives me turn by turn navigation information

     3. 2D and 3D maps are good

     4. Quickly gives me the alternative route if i missed.

   Bad :

      1. Frequently crashing 

      2. User Interface is not that good, some time confusing with options

      3. Takes too long to detect my location.

      4. If the phone is in inside the car or house, it is not getting the signal properly.


     1. Some time voice over says some direction, and route show something different direction.

     2. Not able to enter actual postal address properly, poor user interface.

     3. While using the navigation, i am not able to zoom the map properly, it is crashing everything i try to zoom.

But over all  i liked it, because this is the only time saver for me to go around the city.

Background Information:

Mobile : HTC Desire

Platform: Android 2.3

City : Bangalore, Karnataka, India

thanks Arivoli

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