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Samsung Galaxy S3 - GPS Connection issue Identified

Use Case 1 :

I normally avoid carrying the phone(Just wearing S3 does the job ) while running. Galaxy S3 works independently with its own GPS.

Use Case 2 :

If I run with Phone and Watch no issues, it works perfectly fine. I believe It goes by mutual sharing.

Use Case 3:

Usually, I keep my phone in my vehicle(Car or Bike) and start my sprint.

Whenever I have run in and around a park or places where I have to do multiple loops, I used to pass by my vehicle where the S3 switching between connected and disconnected mode with my phone (using Bluetooth) and its impacting GPS signal and accuracy of the steps and distance.

It is losing/resetting GPS signals every time it connects and disconnects the phone.

After multiple google searches with a different forum, I derived my solution.


  1. Option 1 : Settings --> Connections --> Location --> Select "GPS"

  2. Option 2: Before starting the run, disconnect the Bluetooth connection from the phone to watch.

Any of the above options will help you to fix the issue.

Few Tips for runners:

When you are in Low Battery :

  1. Turn off "Watch Always On" mode

  2. Disable Bluetooth

  3. Enable GPS(Location)

  4. Turn on Vibration mode (For your convenient)

To Improve Accuracy

  1. Enable Wifi and GPS

  2. Keep your running terrain as much as possible with the open sky (Trees will impact GPS signals)

  3. Restart your watch before you start running (It will help to clear the cache)

Running APPs

  1. Strava - Simple to use, lightweight, having big community support

  2. MapMyRun - More options, bit heavy to load

  3. Samsung Health - Lightweight, inbuild with Watch, Highly customizable on-screen feedback

  4. Relive - Animate your running with maps and photos

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