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Choose to Challenge!

Women's Day

 International Women’s Day 2021 March 8

There are some men who think that why women require more freedom? There are many men who define how a woman should talk, walk dress and sleep? There is a fault in the upbringing of these men, and all these men need some psychological counseling, because if untreated for a longer period then these men will become

gender lunatics, patriarch maniacs, and ultimately will become the active as well as passive criminals in the society.

Women are Women

How many of got a shock after listening to me? If you don’t agree with me, then definitely you are one among them who needs immediate medication and psychological counseling. If any of you think that Women's issues are not important … Gender gap and inequality are not a big deal … Then probably you are gender illiterate and the dignity of women can be compromised by you at any point in time…

( Even Pandavas did the same to Draupadi) And men are men whether Pandavas or Kauravas when it comes to women rights and dignity….

With much oppression, pain, protest, and harassment over many centuries…. Various legislation in India relating to women’s rights started coming off lately …The Provisions of The Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act,2005., Dowry Prohibition Act, Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, The Maternity Benefit Act 1961, Muslim Women (Protection of rights on divorce) Act, The Indecent Representation of Women …Sexual harassment at workplace ( prevention, prohibition, and redressal) 2013.

This legislation accepts the truth and gives a strong verdict to all that ill-treatment of women and crime against women are illegal and punishable under law.

We should focus more on timely justice for women-related crimes.

We should also focus on rethinking our younger generations and their upbringing with more space for girl children.

Gender poisoning to be avoided during parenting…mean to say … Boy can do anything … Girl should be like this…. There should be special and specific workshops for men to understand women's rights and it’s acceptance. Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.

  1. Appreciate the women in your life personal and professional life

  2. Try to recognize their potential and accept the leadership without any gender bias

  3. Try to understand your self worth physical and mental worth.

  4. Choose to challenge.. from the challenge comes the change, this change is essential for balanced, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable growth development and wellbeing for the entire human community.

Wishing you all a very happy women’s day!

Let the spirit of March 8 be with you all forever!!

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