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How to transfer GAS connection in Bangalore (for HP connection)

When i recently moved to new apartment in bangalore, I ended up searching for some information on transferring GAS connection from one location to another. But i did not get any solid one, so i end up getting it from different sources and finally i made it.

Here is the step which i followed to get the transfer

1. First get the agency name or address where you want to transfer

2. Go to your current GAS agency , and inform them that you want to transfer to so and so Agency.

3. They will ask some money (in my case it was Rs.45) and give you the transfer receipt which will give the confirmation for initiation to transfer.

4. Take that transfer receipt and goto the Agency which you want to transfer after 4 working days(You have to wait minimum 3 days after your initiation of transfer)

5. Carry all your original receipt of the GAS connection which you got while applying the connection(without this receipt they will not do the transfer, so keep this document safely), including GAS book(if you have one)

6. Once you submit above documents, the new Agency will ask you to pay some money(Again there is no receipt for it, but simply they will ask, in my case it was Rs.45)

7.Some time they will ask address proof, id proof etc, but in my case they did not ask any.

But as per my knowledge they will accept your rental agreement, or sale agreement as address proof

8. Once they gave the confirmation on the transfer, you may have to wait 10 to 15 days to book any refill.

9. Some time you may have to followup with the agency to get the refill for first time , because you can not use the phone book at first time(In my case it was nearly 20 days)

Hope this helps for few people.

HP Gas connection which i transfered to

near 6th Main Rd, Kuvempu Nagar, Bikasipura, Bangalore, Karnataka 560062

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