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Million $ Question - Wake up call !

I can proudly say that I have completed my #2019personalgoal 2 months in advance!!

It all started with a question from my son. Date: Jan 2019 Situation: I and my son were discussing his school annual sports day and his contribution. Cast and Crew: Arivoli, Advaith

Me: Son, I will be happy if you bring a medal in any form of activity, be it in the study , arts or sports.

Son: Sure dad, by the way, what is medal?

Me: it is a recognition for an achievement, In life, everybody should have a goal and achievement of completing it.

Son: Where is yours?

(Dead silent)

This simple question made me realize that I do not have any such achievement till today. Instead of searching it google search images, I decided to show in reality.

I challenged him that I will get a minimum of 3 medals within this year.

Long story in short.

Joined @jayanagarjaguars (@JJ) in kanagapura road. 9 months of workout in between my work schedule. Completed 10K two times and one "Half marathon" (21K).

Now I feel very energetic, positive and proud to show this to my son.

Guess what he already started running with me and he targeted to participate in 5K #marathon.

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