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My #GoRun - 10K

Bib# 2086

Registered for #GoRun 10K Oct 2019. As I was having good consistency on 10K, hoping to complete it at an easy pace.

On Sunday 17th Nov 2019: As per my workout plan (#JJRun) I supposed to run 10K in SLR mode. So I decided to do the same on race day.

GoRun sports seem to be organizing this event second time so we did not expect many arrangements as other events.

How ever, there was some critical information was missing and misleading.

  1. Race route (Terrain is not published in the website well ahead of time)

  2. SMS vs website misleading the timing. We got SMS to assemble by 5:10 AM whereas website says 5:45 AM (While writing this I checked the website, they corrected the timing)

  3. Location: Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Bangalore. It is not easy to reach. The morning we started at 4 AM from ISRO layout, took 1:10 hrs to reach the place, and the routes were having multiple deviations as metro work going on.

After long-distance drive (woke up 3:30 AM) everybody was tired.

The surprise was waiting for us in the form of the race route. We have to run around the mall (Like we run around apartments ) which is not much exciting. But still, the race is a race so we decided to hit.

Ready for Challenge!

I am able to run a complete 10K #nonstop. One of my personal best run in terms of comfort and quick HR recovering.

At the end, we are able to complete 10K with a very comfortable finishing.



I would like to thank #JJ aka #jayanagarjaguars KPR team for mentoring and guiding me.

Special thanks to Dr. Aniruddha K B who paced with me and had very good conversations during the run.

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