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My 2019 Journey to Marathon

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Fortune February

One February morning,  while searching for a piece of positive news, accidentally a pamphlet sat on my lap. With no interest, I was just starring at it.  Out of curiosity I just browsed Jayanagar Jaguar(JJ) web site and TCS world 10K event. It is matching with my requirement of getting finisher medal by practicing with JJ for 3 months. Then immediately called Kanagapura road Captain (Jayashree Mudaliar) who was very kind enough to make me feel comfortable to take up this challenge by answering all my idiotic questions.

Nursery Time

As soon as I joined, the first challenge was getting up early 4:30 AM is a big thing. During my college days that too while having exams I used to wake up at that time.

Very first day out of curiosity I woke up at 4 AM, and reached the place at 4:45 (Our assemble location is BDA Sculpture Park)

Caption Jayashree Mudaliar asked me to run for 2 KM and without realizing the actual effort I accepted and started running. After running 1K, my entire body started showing its current status, barely I was able to complete my run on that day (took 35-45 mins for 2.5K).

I felt like a baby in front of other fellow JJ runners, however, they encouraged and boosted my confidence.

One thing I always keep in mind which they told me on my very first day "Compare with you not with others". 

People whoever comparing with others in their life for every success and failure, I would suggest participating in running which will make you realize how important it is to stay focus on your progress and result rather than others.

Probation period - 4 weeks

My first 4 weeks full of learning on the basics of running and JJ's culture.

  1. Body: Understanding your body is the key in running. The more you aware of your strengths and weakness it is easy to program your workouts.

  2. JJ: Understanding JJ's structure and workflow  (Be it ONCA app, terminology, culture, and people) is a good learning experience for me, you have a lot of takeaways for your personal and professional life as well.

  3. Captain: Who is a caption?  What is their roles and responsibility for your running? How can you make use of them for your improvement? Everything answered in the day to day workout, no classroom session.

  4. Coaching: Every sport needs coaching. However, coaching style differs from person to person. In JJ we have only one Coache who is closely monitoring everybody's progress and followup if necessary.

  5. Leadership: What is leadership to do with Running? Yes, it does, every person who ever part of JJ undergoing indirect leadership coaching as well. I  have improved my leadership quality by learning from the team on a day to day basis.

  6. Culture: JJ is having its own culture which is the biggest strength to grow year by year.

Early Sunset

Due to workload and lack of sleep, my running schedule got affected. I was not able to follow the program.

The body is not adjusting to the new lifestyle and the mind is not believing.

Slowly I started losing focus and interest in running and my confident also getting tested on a daily basis. My family started worried that I am pushing myself too much which may cause side effects.

In fact, one point of time, my hip and spinal severely injured. I consulted with 2 Ortho (From reputed multi-specialty hospital), both suggested me to stop running for 2 months.

I sent a message to JJ's coach and caption about my medical condition and informed them that I will not be able to continue further.

Strong Sunrise

I could not walk for 2 weeks. Later based on JJ's recommendation I visited a Sport ortho clinic "Srinivasa Clinic".

After having a couple of consultation with them, I learned a few exercises which I have to do before and after the run. Surprisingly without any medication, I was able to run as usual.

I got my confidence back and started targeting for TCS world 10K event. The entire JJ's Kanagapura team supported and encouraged me to improve better.

You just need to believe in yourself.

I have to change, period. After that no look back.

New Lifestyle

I started scheduling my day to activities effectively to bring the new lifestyle in me.

On-time Lunch and Dinner. Avoided late-night meetings during the previous night of the run.

I shared my plan and goal with my friends and colleagues which helped me to make them understand my change to support further.

I started appreciating my effort and work by rewarding myself.

Unlearn to learn new ideas, thoughts, and cultures around people.

Self Motivation:

  1. Gift yourself for every achievement you make during the workout

  2. Take Selfie on your everyday effort which will help you to motivate whenever you see the picture.

  3. Periodic gifts/rewards/boost will make you run continuously without losing focus on your goal (Mangalyan concept)

Ref: Phoenix7777

Break the Myths

There are few myths(Believes) with people whomever I interacted reg running/marathon.

  1. Fat people (People whoever having belly fat) can not  participate in sports

  2. Overweight people can not run

  3. Smokers can not run continuously as they will have difficulties in breathing, so the marathon is far for them

  4. People working in a late shift can not participate in the morning run

Thank you

I would like to thank my family members for helping and motivating so far.

Thanks to my organisation (ZeOmega Infotech Pvt. Ltd), my manager, colleagues and friends for their support and flexibility for my schedule.

Thanks to all JJ's KPR (KanagaPura Road) team for monitoring and motivating my every effort.

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