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WWW.Andaman - Travel plan

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Let me share my ideas and suggestions for the Andaman trip which will be helpful for your travel plan.
* WWW - With Whom and What todo. These recommendations are purely based on my experience and information I collected across other web sites. Feel free to comment and correct me if anything.

For Honeymoon (Just for couples)

Best place for Honeymoon, where you can spend time with your loved one. You will have more options to have romantic and memorable days.

Activity to perform 

  1. Candle Light Dinner - You can have a candlelight dinner in a beachside (Check with local agencies)

  2. Scuba Diving, Sea Walk and Sofa Ride together (holding hands each other ;)

  3. Beach Sidewalk during Sun Rise and Sun Set.

Travel with kids (below 12 years )

Anybody traveling to Andaman with kids age between 2 to 11, will have limited options to enjoy to the fullest. Most of the rides (Fun rides) are having age restrictions

  1. Scuba Diving - Above 12 Years

  2. Sea Walk - Above 9 Years

  3. Sofa Ride, Jet Skey - Above 6 years

  4. Glass bottom boat ride - All age group (In Red Skin Island and Jollyboy Island)

The best thing to do with kids is drenched in seawater and enjoy the moment. Have photoshoots with kids (Candid pictures and videos) for lovely moments. (Beach Bharatanatyam - by Amritha Varshini)

Travel with Teens and Adults (Above 11 years )

You need more time to have more fun. In my point of view, you need a minimum of 7 days to cover all activities across the island. Each island has its own merits on a specific sports, better check with localities before you opt for it.

  1. Portblair - 1 Day

  2. Havelock island - 2 Days

  3. Red skin island or Jolyboy island(preferably) - 1 Day

  4. Ross Island - 1 Day

  5. North Bay Island - 1 Day

  6. Ross and Smith Island - 1 Day

Senior Citizen (Go for it!)

If you are a senior citizen (or Group of senior citizens), Andaman is not far for you. Just visiting Radhanagar beach and Elephant beach definitely satisfy your trip.

You can plan for a 2 to 3 days trip which can cover most of the activities even if you are not physically active person.

Bangalore to Andaman (Our Plan)

As of now we have 2 airlines(#GoAir, #IndiGo)  which take you to Andaman directly (Non-Stop) from Bangalore.

We booked early morning flight (4:30 AM) which is not a good idea for the people who ever flying with kids. You may end up awake for the whole night and next day morning. You will be tired after landing in Andaman. So you can look for later time flights.

Our Itinerary (Jam Packed Schedule - Watchful)

Thumb Rule

  1. Keep enough cash in your hand as most of the shops, restaurants, and hotels will not have a card transaction option.

  2. If you are booking online, be aware that the government can cancel or restrict people to travel certain islands for safety reasons. However, your package issuer will not refund the amount.

  3. If you or any of your travel members having seasickness, keep the necessary medication handy during Jetty travel.

Videos and Gallery

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