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Davinci Resolve 16 - Crashing while Render - "Fusion composition could not be processed"

Recently I came across an issue while working with Davinci Resolve 16.

My video editing contains multiple fusion clips and transitions like any other normal project.

While I try to export it I started getting "Failed" error doing quick export.

Later I tried to render my project from "Deliver" section where I got the following error specifically while it try to render a clip.

Davinci Resolve Error

I googled multiple places no solution.

Later I found following forum where I got multiple views for the same problem.

I tried following steps which automatically fixed the issue

Go to Preference<User<Ui and uncheck the "Stop renders when a frame or clip cannot be processed".

Infact I tried by unchecking the above options, and later I enabled it back. It worked in both the use case.

Hope this will save your time instead of redoing your project.

Have a visit to my YouTube Channel as well :

My Software Version: Davinci Resolve 16 : Mac Book Pro : 10.14.6

Update: After few days another error message(Ref Image 2) started popuping up and blocking my rendering. Meanwhile BlackMagic released Davinci Resolve 16.2 , updated to this version all those errors disappeared.

Imagd 2 : Error from Dainci Resolve 16.1.x

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